2022 Bishop’s Annual Appeal Kick Off

2022 Bishop’s Annual Appeal Kick Off

This weekend we kickoff the 2022 Bishop’s Annual Appeal. The diocesan programs and ministries supported by the BAA accomplish critically important work. Just some of those funded include Catholic Charities, Catholic Schools, Vocations, Retired Priests, Youth and Young Adult Ministries and so many more.

Through the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, we are challenged to look beyond our own parish boundaries and consider the broader mission of the Church. Each parish in the diocese is asked to do their part – and together we must. With an overall goal of $5 million dollars, our parish target is $36,010.00. We will receive back 50% of anything over our goal.

The needs throughout the diocese in the past year have grown exponentially and our support is more important now than ever before. At the Masses this weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to contribute towards this worthwhile goal.

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